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What a Mammography Technologist Does

There is an increase in the job opportunities in the healthcare industry, as more and more employees head for retirement. Those are some of the factors that make now a good time to get into the healthcare sector. While some of those positions need you to get extensive training and education, there are some that need minimal education. You can see this in mammography technology. We will cover more about this topic next.
A mammography technologist is in charge of administering the mammogram. Apart from handling the equipment, you also have to reassure the women at a time when they are most afraid and vulnerable. Nowadays also men get screened for breast cancer, which adds to the duties of a radiologist. You will thus make sure you take X-rays of breasts for medical examinations, ensure you keep imaging equipment in good condition, record the patient medical history, and answering their questions. You also work hand in hand with the physicians to review the results and record keep.
You have to plan go to school for an associate’s degree in radiology to become one. The coursework will take in classes in anatomy and physiology, X-ray equipment handling, handling of patients, and other classes. When you take full-time classes, you will be done in only two years. You can also opt for part-time studies if you are working. There is an exam to certify you after you graduate, to become a recognized and licensed radiologist. You then have to get through 40 hours of supervised training in mammography to become a mammography technologist. You can click here to see more about the topics covered.
You then need to perform 25 examinations when guided by a qualified instructor. The exam tests you on anatomy, patient care, and image evaluation. It is after you pass those that you will be given the title. There is the continuing education you need after every two years. As technology and processes improve, you need to remain informed and proficient in applying those advancements. You can expect these topics to be in those classes.
A good move would be to attain a bachelor’s degree in radiologic science. With your associate’s degree, you will avoid the need to start from scratch. The course can be completed in only two years. The degree affords you a chance for higher pay, and the chance to take a management or supervisory role.
With the present demand, the work of a mammography radiologist pays well. You will get more money when you have the bachelor’s degree. You can also get more by working in clinics and other facilities, apart from the main hospital.
There is so much to love about a mammography technologist career. You only need to make sure you get the right training from the right school. You can visit this site for more insights into how to improve your chances.